20 December, 2010

Answer any/all of the following

1. Match the following (5 marks)

Things you should never ask

Where/Whom What
a. Lady 1. Bill for Jam Bun
b. Grad Student 2. Chillrai
c. Naayar Kadai Bakery 3. Extra Chutney
d. McDonald’s 4. GPA
e. BMTC Conductor 5. Age

Blog title is a tribute to my computer science teacher who gave questions like,

2. Java is a/an (Notice how we give nothing away by being indefinite with our indefinite articles. Classic Tamil Nadu State Board)

a) Programming language

b) Object oriented language

c) Natural language native to Indonesia

d) a & b

e) c or d

f) b implies a

and her obligatory addendum appended at the end of every such multiple choice question

g) all of the above

h) none of the above

i) any of the above


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