26 March, 2011

Babe Ruth vs Tendlya

Babe Ruth or the Sultan of Swat was an American baseball player in the 1920s who is still regarded as the greatest baseball player ever and often ties with Jordan and Ali on polls regarding America's sporting greats. Before someone gets annoyed with any perceivably projected dudeness on my part, let me clarify. I did not know any of this until yesterday.

It was the last class of the week and I found myself in an environment that I wasn't entirely comfortable with - the insides of a classroom. Our good natured Professor had tried his hand at waking us out of our stupor - he'd even called us 'Land of the Sitting Dead' which did evoke a few chuckles.

He'd just finished his cup of coffee and then tried to shoot his empty cup into the trash can only for it to rebound. He smiled sheepishly and said something about a player he follows, who had shot as bad as him in last night's game. Basketball trivia and friday fatigue - not a great combination and there was awkward silence all round.

But then he said, "Anyway. That wasn't all the sporting action yesterday. India man! Beating Australia!!", sporting the rock-on sign. 
"How bummed were you guys, when Sachin Tendulkar didn't get his 100th century?", he continued. Now we were all up!
 And then a dude in front asked, "Sachin Who?". To that he said, "Sachin Tendulkar man! Only the greatest cricketer EVER!!"

Just to explain further he also gave a baseball metaphor. No, not that baseball metaphor! He called Sachin - the Babe Ruth of Cricket.

Greatest. Class. Ever.

And then I left class thinking, "Oh! So Babe Ruth was the Sachin of Baseball".

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