21 November, 2012

Irrational Movie Review

Cards on the table. This post is a movie review.

The title is not an insult to the movie and in fact, is not even meant to describe the movie. Nor is it meant to convey the fact that this review is irrational. Well, the review may turn out to be irrational, but that's for you to investigate and not for me to concede right at the beginning. The Irrational Movie Review. What am I describing to be irrational then? Don't you just hate these adjectives that don't commit to a noun and are both vague and mysterious at the same time.

Ten lines in and you have no idea what I'm talking about. Familiar territory.

The movie. Life of Pi. Pi. 3.14159265359. Irrational Number. See what I did there.
Now that we've established the name of the movie, onto the review.

Does not do justice to the book. That's all I got. Go buy the book.

That being said, the book has always been un-movieable and I don't blame the director. I'm surprised Yann Martel even sold rights to make a movie.


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  2. I disagree. It depends. Yes, Pi is an irrational number. But we are talking about "Life of" Pi, which if quantifiable, could be a natural number, an integer or even a mathematical conundrum. The only way your logic would fly is when you bring in the philosophical context and argue Life by itself is irrational. Which brings us to the question, whats Irrational of an Irrational? Rational?