22 October, 2008

Footwear Fetish

I have always had a tough time with regard to footwear.
I have trouble getting one my size,I don't even know what size I'm wearing right now.

Usually I go up to a shop and ask for the LARGEST size that they have available and try to make my peace with what's available at that size, meaning I have to make do with stuff I barely like because its the only thing that fits me.

Another reason why I have a tough time dealing with footwear is the fact that, my friends are,how shall I put this, 'jealous' when it comes to my taste in footwear.They just can't get over the fact that I always end up wearing something 'unique'.

Lately the street dogs near my place have also taken up this fetish.How would you feel when you step out of your door in the morning, to find your sandals in tatters.Torn apart without any mercy whatsoever.

You don't want to be that guy. Yet I was that guy.Not once.Not twice .But thrice.(We'll come to why I let it happen thrice later).And its always just the left sandal , never the right.And its never one of my friends or neighbors , its always me.
I've been asking this question a lot lately in my life, WHY ME ?


  1. Dogs are stupid(Fetish over urs?) so size is the only criterion kya? Oh Dog y me?

  2. All I've got to say is 'Jealousy thy name is Anonymous'

  3. Oh thank Dog! tht was not Possesive! btw me peter .. happened to c ur blog post on my name! cool man gud goin! still, let jealousy be anonymous

  4. hehe.. its a strange thing.. but nothing wrong in this happening to u.. i've been there.. i've felt the pain of my eyes getting stabbed walking alongside u..

  5. To asking the largest size part : If one part of your body doesnt grow the other parts make up for it. If you know what i mean.

    To your taste : Oh, Shit!

  6. @raghu - If you were insulting my intelligence with ur 1st remark, that is well deserved I guess,as I did let those dogs ravage my precious footwear, THRICE.
    But somehow I don't think its my intelligence that you are insulting.Oh nd yeah, you'd know quite a few things about SIZE!

    So in essence I think I kinda know what you mean.

    @fraud - dude i know you did things that you aren't supposed to do, at places you aren't supposed to be, in our 2nd yr. But Making Eyes at my footwear is LOW, even for YOU.