23 October, 2008

Footwear Fetish (2) - The doGs must be Crazy

I've already told you about how dogs and friends alike go crazy jealous over my sandals.

As promised I will now explain in horrific detail what happened on the three separate occasions.

Day 1:
Started off just like any other day, you know.
You walk out your door, trying to place your feet inside your sandals and rush out so that you can catch that 8:30 bus.
The only problem was there wasn't a pair of sandalS, there was just one.Sandal.

I did what any sane man would do, roamed around our apartment(that includes stairs, mind you) with just one sandal on.And to my very short lived relief there it was, outside one of our neighbours doors. Upon nearing the 'thing'(it was no longer a sandal), I realised something had gone to town with that sandal.Ditching the one sandal I had on,i begged my friend to wear his not-so-clean shoes so that I might have his oh-so-tight sandals.

2 days later:
After the usual lack of variety to choose from, I picked out a pair that looked 'unique'.I couldn't wait to get out of my friends sandals so I ended up wearing them as we returned home. Little did I know that I was tempting fate by leaving my sandals out.

The next morning:
DEJA VU.It was happening all over again.The same routine.It was the left sandal AGAIN only this time, brand new.

A month later:
I ended up getting my salvaged sandal sewn so that it resembled something of its former self. I wasn't going to tempt fate another time, so everynight I would leave my sandals within the house.One very rainy day, my sandals had gotten really muddy and I didn't want to get all the muck in the house, so I left the sandals on a pretty high window sill.Lets see you reach that you canine b*.

And yet it did.It is probably having a nice laugh somewhere right now, and discussing further plans to ruin my mornings in a more colourful way.


  1. not at all amusing post...i wud been happy if the post was about the DOG ruining ur first night rather than the mornings :D

  2. hehe .. only a kenai --- would do the same thing thrice, keeping the sandals outside i mean.. u deserve it buddy..