12 February, 2009

Calling Honey - 044 26XXXXXX

As a sequel to the earlier post I thought I'd include something on what you should never call me.

My friends and I, we are, what you would call, secure men, meaning we are pretty confident about our orientation and inclination. Thus when we interlace our conversations with the occasional chellam or bujji or vooochi or kutti it is not a cause for alarm but should be seen as a representation of our very secure manliness. I am well aware of the fact that the usual greetings are machi or maapla or in rare cases sagala, but we are different.

At least that was how it was until a few weeks ago.

One fine Sunday morning, a member of the secure men brotherhood decided to call me up and ask about my plans for that day.

His greeting - 'Hi Honey'.

The person who picked up the phone - my unwitting father.

And since we are so secure about our manhood, we usually don't even wait to make sure its really 'our honey' at the other end. The dolt repeated the offending greeting two - three times. By which time I had realized something was wrong after seeing my father's reaction. Finally my father inquired as to who it was and then 'my honey' on the other side caught on.

He gave it to me, saying that the male caller was repeated asking for someone by the name 'honey' before asking for me. And then he went away still trying to make sure his ears were unclogged and that he'd really heard the word 'honey'. I just hope my family don't jump to any irrational conclusions regarding my inclination. Assuring them about that, is not a job that I want to be doing.

That said, I would like to assure all concerned readers that I'm as straight as a (looking for analogy) ... hmm ... as a (still looking)...

Sachin Tendulkar straight drive off Brett Lee at the SCG.

Now if my better half, if you are out there somewhere, a word of advice

During our future courtship, Never ever ... ever call me honey.

1. How I wish this were a work of fiction? But this is too stupid to make up. Yup, its as Hetfield used to sing, Sad but True.
2. And the caller, pretty guessable. If you are part of my circle, that is.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. kullan dhan... gundan wud have atleast tried to be a little discreet... and abt ur comment... yup.... its gotta go

    succinct summary of fraud's comment for future readers:
    it was yet another exposition of our manliness, expressed in delicate words, that the general public, usually find replusive.

  3. gundan is more intellijent than kullan...gundan waits for the other side to speak up...kullan is just driven by the momentary impulse...no brians as such...!!

    Dei indha blog a padikkardhu...naan nee rengs and frod...minji pona sp oru vaati vandhuttu padikkaama povaan..idhula general public nu oru explanation vera?

    Btw...How are you ma daarling?...Free for the night mani kuchchi?

  4. Hello excuse me... general public la naangalum irukom..

  5. pt no. 1 - sathyama tht day, i asked for money and not honey (ya, perhaps it was dei money), pt no. 2 - adhu honey ave irundhalum ungappa 1st time e payyanukku dhan nu purinjundrukanum
    pt no. 3 - 2nd time um adhaye kaetapromum 3rd repeat panna vittadhu toooo muchu ..
    honey, these days parents are a lil crazy, wat say u?? oru privacy kudukanum nu theriyadhu? cha cha cha ..