09 February, 2009

Just call me Money

Before you begin there are 2 things that you should know about me.

1. I don't like people messing up my name. Come on, how difficult is it to say Manigandan. Pretty basic phonemes if u ask me. Ma as in multiple ni as in nicknames ga as in guy and dan as in well ... just done. Its that simple.

I've never had trouble with people given prefixes though. I've been called K Mani Ko Mani Ku Mani M Mani F Mani P Mani and I'm OK with all that. I know that my name lends itself well to being prefixed. So I don't mind that at all. No really, I don't.

What I don't stand is people calling me Manikandhan, Manikanten etc

2. The second thing is that I'm a pretty big fan of Iron Maiden. So much so that my alarm tone is Hallowed be Thy Name.

Now we are a go. One fine evening, I was bored. I mean really bored not just the look-at-the cricinfo-page-every-5-minutes bored but bang-your-head against-the-wall bored. I decided to skip down to have some snacks.

I was minding my own business, walking to the snack counter in our IT Park, when I saw her.


(fruit cherry'a... Nee variya... Emailil luv...) Too much too soon I said to myself. BTW shes a fellow employee from Europe.

And then I just stood there and reasoned a few things out with myself. I've always been telling my friends, albeit with false hope, that I'm gonna marry a girl of European descent as their average height is much higher than that of their Indian cousins. So I that what the hell. I'm gonna do it. Also she was wearing heels which meant more time for me to make a quick getaway in case things didn't work out as I planned.

With this in mind I walked up to her and said, "Hi Maria". I saw the glint of recognition in her eyes. So just as she was trying to read my name out of my ID Card (Man... I ...) I interrupted her and said, "Just call me Mani, u know as in Money" (I make a dollar symbol with my hand).

Oh... OK. Hi Mani

Good. Now we were on first name basis.

Praying to the almighty to give me the required strength, I blurted out,
Would u like to grab some coffee?

And to my greatest surprise, She said 'Yes. That would be great'

Just as we walked off into The Sunset (no I mean literally there's a coffee shop by that name) someone's cell phone went off singing,

Take me away
Somewhere far away
Beyond the sun

When suddenly it morphed into this,

I was waiting in my cold cell
When the bell begins to chime

Reflecting on my past life

And it doesn't have much time

Oh crap.

1. This is purely a work of fiction. None of it ever happened. Ever.
2. The song Take me away is from the Vodafone elevator ad.


  1. Dei 1 scenario to consider...imagine this

    You are very wealthy man by 2020....u have this huge bungalow...this that and all the shit in the world...you arent married yet(for obvious reasons...ussh!)...u hav a pet dog called..."Rosemary"...she is a cross breed between German Shepherd and British bull dog and so on so forth(look at all the European conn here)...You dont have much friends too...just as you were called "Money" u were only on to Money and lost all ur frnds...so this dog is ur only last solace...

    After your early morning jog with Rosemary...you are in your lawn...you served milk for Rosemary and you are having your Morning Coffee...scenario boils down to "You both are having Coffee together at Sunrise"...Suddenly I call you after a long time and your ringtone sounds..."Kangal Irandal...Unn Kangal Irandal...ennai katti izhuththaai.."...Disturbed by this sudden noise...Rosemary looks at you with both its Eyes...Gosh! You must be Lucky...

    Wait!...Knock on ur head...hav i heard this story sumwhere...

  2. Ok...sorry for that comment...really nice post dude...So is she the "Oh! Maria" in ur life?...but You know there is a famous saying..."Oruthanukku nikka vae mudiyaadham...aana avanukku oora suththi 9 pondaati"...

    the previous post was to just lent my frustration out because the site you gave me for English Song Download lead me to a F***ing P*** Site

  3. i soooo wanted to censor ur comment but im a fan of gud kalaai... i know a gud kalaai wen i c one... so it lives...

    and more importantly dhayavu seidhu rosemary'a vitren da...

  4. may i come in.. i need to know abt this 'rosemary' ... and great post.. Love these lines u have in most of your posts.. reminds me of JK Rowling.. "I mean really bored not just the look-at-the cricinfo-page-every-5-minutes bored but bang-your-head against-the-wall bored."

    I guess u can remove the P.S for this port... We all know u dont have b**** to go and talk to a girl, and that too european?..

  5. ha ha! so finally enthu returns a! abbbaa .. gumaalti for d post and sad for ya! btw ragu voda comment a ye oru post a podlaam pola! pirii ..
    usually 'I met her' soltu paera sonna (name has been changed) nu solanum. ipo open a solrana kuyil parandhu poidutha return? or avanga sure a un blog a paaka maataala? 'oh crap' inum thodaruma? are u in love?

  6. @fraudie: ordinarily wen someone does not acknowledge the existence of something, the defendant is supposed to provide visual proof of its existence. but me saying anything to that effect (like for e.g kaatren da dei)wud make things weird between us...

    so im just gonna say this ,

    rosemary nee oru juice mari
    un beauty ku naan dhan surrender adi
    nama jodi serndhal sooper adi


    this is the beginning of a gr8 love ballad by our very own gaana ulaganathan. raghu's been smitten with this song for quite some while now.

    @saami:hey jingly, adhu epdi silra sedharna madhiri oru sirippu unaku...

    its fiction dood... edhuvume nadakkala, even the dream .. and the only reason i chose the name maria was because i wanted to include the song... enga kanakku vaathiyar mela sathyama