25 April, 2009

Of apple juice, Godrej and old age

I really get shirty when my friends get nostalgic all of a sudden, not that I have a wooden heart or something. Its just that I feel that we are too young to be feeling all that shit, just yet. So whenever someone goes "You remember... ", my inner voice screams "Ah! There they go again! Get over it!"

All this until a few days ago.The old adage that "Kids can be cruel" - very true.

Just the other day that 2-feet-tall-wannabe-power-ranger-brat-cousin of mine called me "Godzilla". I believe his exact words were "Gaajilllaaa".

Little Runt! Despite all the practice in the world with this sort of thing, it was still a very sharp barb nonetheless.

So when I was walking along and i saw yet another prototype 8 yr old runt running my way and eying me warily I was ready. Or so I thought!

And just then he smiled.

"Cute kid!" Thinking I'd been too quick to judge him, I smiled back.

He waved and although public displays of affection are never my thing I waved back.

And then he said

"Bye Unggeel!"


Not too long ago, I was the 8 year old (maybe not your typical runt, but still) who thought people who lived in the 1950's must have lived in black and white worlds and those in the 70's must have lived in eastman coloured worlds and so on. You get the drift.

Just as he said the dreaded word I remembered the Old Godrej Hair Ad that goes Auntie... Auntie... Auntie... . Damn it! Now I'm doing it. Maybe its time even I started doing this nostalgia thing.

In the words of Vivek,

"Epdi irundha naan ipdi ayiten. Crazy bugger. Dei payya andha apple juice'a konda!"


  1. Noting of point noting has been noted, in your blog. :P

  2. This is a chain reaction! I also have a blog on growing old!
    Sigh! What has the world come to