06 April, 2009

Why women are dumb...

See what happens when you mess up and accidentally miss just a couple of words like anything and but. Quite contrary to what the very misleading title might imply I wanted to argue the very opposite, that women are anything but dumb.

Saying women are dumb is like ... is like saying... ( ran out of an analogy for the very first time in my life, hope that captures the extremity of such an outrageous accusation ) Hence the only thing that is like saying women are dumb is saying women are dumb. (That is one very confused sentence)

I will now explain why women are anything but dumb. First lets begin by analyzing the word 'dumb'. Now Oxford defines it as

1 being unable to speak or lacking the power of speech. - Yeah rite. Like that's ever gonna happen with women. Right from the days when I was short enough to wear shorts upto the days shorts were a form of wearable torture device, if there was one thing that I'd learnt during that time, it was that, women like to talk. Period.

2 temporarily unable or unwilling to speak. - Again. No more questions, You Honour.

3 informal, chiefly N. Amer. stupid. - Aah. Although this has been listed at 3, this is the meaning the feminist inside you jumped to when you first read the title. I will not frown upon your bias as it is fairly common to do so and also because I believe the origin of this particular meaning is closely related to the earlier two. I say so because when someone is struck dumb and rendered speechless it is equated to being not able to give an appropriately intelligent enough response. Hence it has come to be that temporary speech impairment will forever be associated with being deficient in matters of the mind.

Now that we have established that as a fact, I will regale you with the tale of when the Thundu Guy met his match, in the next post.


  1. Gosh! You have to check this!

  2. Kinda unnerving actually..
    Anyway u've reached all my conclusions a fair bit sooner, which again, reiterates the pt made in this post.. ;)