22 May, 2009

In memory

This blog post is dedicated to the memory of our friend, Dharmalingam aka Dharms aka Singam.

Dharms was slated to pass out of BITS, Pilani this year under the dual degree scheme with MSc in Bio Sciences and BE EEE, before his tragic demise, just a month ahead of his graduation.

He hailed from Sivagiri which is near Erode in TamilNadu. He topped the Board exams in his school to gain entrance into BITS Pilani, where he made a lot of friends who dearly miss him now. He is now survived by his father, who is a farmer by profession and his mother, both of whom are now distraught with the loss of their beloved son.

Dharms, we wish you had thought about your family and all of us before you made your decision. Having said that we will always cherish the memories you've given us and were extremely glad to be your friends.

In memory of Dharms...

We will always miss you.


  1. Oru nodi yosithaya...

    Urimai dhaan evar koduthaar
    Uyir edukka unakku...

  2. I know I am way too late to read and comment on this post. Yet felt like saying.. Gud one da. Makes me feel happy and little proud of you guys..
    @Mani: Really loved the way you have expressed it.
    @Fraud: Awesome lines da..

  3. Even after 1 year and bit more...when i read this post, a few drops fall down my cheek..spontaneously :-(