08 June, 2009

Moving out and moving on

Its been almost an year now. Since I came here, to Bangalore. Since I became yet another imbecile in the IT world. Since I started earning my own living. Since the people at my office assured me that it is of the gravest importance that I keep my seat warm for atleast 10 hours failing which you-know-who might give me the you-know-what. An year since I became an almost-adult. Almost - considering all the things I've done in the past year it should barely have been Barely but then even this happened last year, so ...

Some of these almost-adult activities include very nearly getting into fights with dogs, flooding house, flooding house again during the very next month, successfully getting money back because they couldn't keep up with their 30 minute guarantee while conveniently ignoring the humongous heap of old pizza boxes that helped achieve this, learnt to play the one game that I stayed away from in college and more than made up for last time with regard to number of hours up at night playing the game and so on.

Apart that from all that, nothing much's changed with me. Lots of things have changed around me. But me, I'm mostly the same. I like to think I'm somewhat wiser and hopefully not taller. Although I will definitely not miss the house I most certainly will not forget it. After all the things that have happened there, I'm just a little sad that my last memory of the place had to be such a bad one.

Nevertheless, at some point of time everyone moves on. Whether you are chasing the world that moved on without you or if its the other way around - in the end that will make all the difference.

P.S: I get it. Nostalgia/peelings - not my thing. This will not be the norm. Normal programming will resume shortly.


  1. "Whether you are chasing the world that moved on without you or if its the other way around that will make all the difference."
    Thats true!

    (n ya still with the ambiguous display name,i havent figured how to change it)

  2. he he...thats alright... it is still very 'u'... i mean being me is very u...

    grunt... nevermind ..

  3. ahan....ahan..ahan.....ahhhahahahaha (Dhill Style)

  4. i like the above comment more than the post for some reason.. wondering why.... still wondering... ;)

  5. ussssssabbbaaaaaa...

    i get the pt and everything but still curious... i can remember that its from dhill but ERC yaaravadhu kudukka mudiyuma... i don't remember the scene

    i am song in the rain
    i want more in the rain