05 July, 2009


A very scholarly friend of mine once told me,

"The four letter F-word is not to be bandied about lightly and hence must be substituted with its parliamentary proxy Buck"

Note : He might have been slightly inebriated but I'm not sure.

Hence WTB.

Let me list the three 'What the' moments I've had recently

  • Me updating my blog twice in two days. Definitely WTB worthy. But actually kinda trivial, since I wouldn't have updated if the other two WTB's hadn't happened.

  • Federer beating Roddick in five "seven" sets
5-7 7-6 (8-6) 7-6 (7-5) 3-6 16-14.

Lets put that in perspective,

Venus Williams en route to the "other" men's final beat Safina 6-1 6-0. That's a grand total of 13 games. Roddick won 14 games in just the last set.

Talk about unstoppable force and immovable object. I've never liked Roddick that much. But man can that guy give a fight. Were they paying tribute to Nadal's stamina or something, seeing who can outlast the other. The fact that Federer took all of 39 Roddick's service games to break his serve goes to say how well Roddick was serving in the match. Not that Federer was serving badly. 50 aces apparently was just one short of Karlovic's record. It was in Roddick's 40th service game that Federer was finally able to break his serve and with that he won his record breaking 15th Slam. Pretty heartbreaking for the American.

Pregnant Mrs Federer was pretty relieved at the end of the match. And not just because of the result, she might probably have started wondering if she'd have to have her baby delivered right there in the Player's Box. Seriously. Thats how long that last set was.

And the camera guy kept coming up with one celebrity after another. I started wondering if I'd begun seeing things. Ofcourse the tennis giants were there - Sampras, Laver and Bjorg. And there was Sir Alex, Russell Crowe and a guy who looked a lot like Ballack but as I said I'm not sure.

Seeing as how this WTB moment is pretty huge, you'd think that this is the WTBest moment of the week. But no. Not even close.
  • This July. More accurately on the 11th of this July at 7:00 PM. If you were to tune into Zee tamil you are sure to have a lot of WTB moments.

I present the Worldwide Television Premiere of

Sam Anderson's Yaaruku Yaaro - Steppu Neee.

To all ye un-enlightened souls, let there be light.

P.S 1: To all Nadal fans, yap all you want about how Federer cries too much(thankfully not this time) but ironical seeing as initially they complained that he emotes too little, how his record against Nadal is bad, how he hasn't earned his French victory, how gold plated dresses are a little too much(Er... I agree on this count) etc etc...

The man has 15 slams before his first born sees the world. Beat that.

P.S 2: To all neutrals, I don't not like Nadal. I just hate his fans. ;)


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  2. Roddick - Agreed totally agreed

    Ballack - Ye he was there and was sachin too...apparently one of the balls which went into the crowd landed on sachin's hands. :)

    Sam Anderson - What The Buck!! I saw the trailer and how crazy is zee tamil to get some TRP i can never imagine the mastermind behind this...h must really be a Cluster Buck!

  3. zee tamil blore la varudhanu therila... and (as u obviously know)this guy is an internet phenomenon da... so epdiyum makkal paapanga... nalla tatees...

    infact utube laye makkal advertise panna arambichutaanga...

    trailer la my only surprise - name of movie. adhu mattum enaku munnadiye theriyadhu... sadly theres no wiki entry for this guy

  4. Mann .. I like the five/seven set finals, I like the other men's finals, I like Mrs.Federer having a labor at the box, I like u not using the much cliched 'marathon' word while talking such a match, and I like Nadal .. I pity two things here .. Had little Federer came out at the box, he would have gotten a life time free pass for the All England championship finals .. Venkat gussing the next day CP1 Test1 for the sake of watching our favourite Roddick then, had he known roddick's struggle to attain puberty (which has taken 5 extra years) he could hav taught u 'C' ..

  5. Oh Buck... venkat andha cp1 test ezhidhurundha ennalam marirukumo... obama probably would not be president... i'll probably be in germany... indha budget pathi nee kooda ndtv 'journalist'a' un opinion'a tv la kuduthrukalam...

    and whether roddick attained it or not is not the qn, he has a radio mirchi gf and (i bet u didnt know this) a fast developing sottai...

    ever wonder why he doesn't take off his cap?

  6. Dei.. guess have lived a worthless life till date.. have not yet seen Sam Anderson :) .. just saw the link you provided.... Niceee... very niceee....

  7. wachowski brothers - characterization of 'the one' aka neo aka mr.anderson -tribute to namma thala dhan

    and it really is a naai kutti shame that raghu did not show u this earlier...