03 July, 2009

Perips, Pulli and Pup

There are three distinct species in you average Bangalore bachelor household or any other city for that matter.

Perippa (Perips) - Perippa is well, quite literally, the BIG DADDY of 'em all. He's the dude whose got it all. Crazy Girl, Snazzy bike, Long hair, Longer mobile bill... You know... the works.

Pulliraja (Pulli) - Pulliraja is your more down-to-earth guy as in the one without at least the majority of the things mentioned above. He's your epiphany-having, (very un)wise-cracking, constantly bored guy who always finds himself standing in front of the mirror and asking himself a slightly modified version of the one simple question that this bird here asks millions of people everyday.


Pullapudikravan (Pup) - This is your immaculately dressing, EPL following, dangerous side-burn / beard having, angry young Amitabh of the 80's. And the name - well its well deserved. All the new mothers in the neighbourhood definitely owe this guy one w.r.t the complete nourishment of their offsprings.

Common Traits - But all three species share several common habits

  • Enrol for the Gym at least once.
  • Start a blog.
  • Have an extended discussion on whose job sucks more.
  • Have an even more extended discussion on coming up with new reasons why this is the best 'bad'vertisement in the history of Indian ads.
  • Rate girls in advertisements according to the Goundamani scale of girls who've got it. (Scale ranges from Rejetted, Unseletted .... to OK and double OK) Very MCP I know but that's what we do.
  • Write at least one competitive exam every year. GRE, CAT, GATE, Vendhan All Pass tutorial test-1 .... you name it, they are there.
Edit : Video link removed as one of the readers(and a very unlikely one at that) found it slightly inappropriate. I concur (atleast regarding the first few seconds). But then I myself find my entire blog slightly inappropriate at times!

And many more, I'll just wind up with the one defining characteristic shared by all of 'em. They are lazy as sloths. Not your average mammoth friend having sloth. But your 4 generation - sitting - food eating sloth.

The last sentence was ill formed, I agree. Maybe this imaginary conversation will give you a better idea

Pulli - (Has an epiphany as usual) Dood! I'm going out. I'm gonna get a life.
Perips - (Holds hand over phone) Oh you're going out. Good. Can you get me one as well?
Pup - (Neck extends out of room - Nirvana - Rape Me runs in the background) Can't we order in? Don't they deliver? I think I have their number.
Pulli - Oh ok.

To P's.

PS 1 : Some of my worst PJs in a long time. So readers kindly bear with me.

PS 2 : And seriously speaking the distinction is more transitory in the sense that every guy is actually all three P's at the same time. Any reference that a reader finds a little too close for comfort was not intended by the author but nevertheless will be thoroughly enjoyed if pointed out.


  1. Dei...sondha selavu la sooniyam vechukardhu nu kelvi patrukkiyaa..? I see it all right here...

    Btw, I love the way to add links to your post... and as the usual a good post buddy...a little different exp than the ones with palanimanga...

  2. The koundamani video link is a little inappropriate here...you could have avoided it coz of the first few seconds....

    You had an awesome slternative from Vadivelu in Kadhalan...

    d'uh...when did i get so boring...two comments for a post...never mind...

  3. Here it goes...


    seek 0:35

  4. thanks dood.
    sondha... sooniyam - gr8 line... LOL
    dude vadivelu video is also very suggestive, if i say any more than that i will sound like that vijay tv 'therapist'... so lets stop right there...

    btw the english subtitles in the kadhalan vid is hilarious... kaatu viri...

  5. nice post.. engayo valikkudhu post padicha .. thing is, i got a girl, i got a bike, i got a long mobile bill.. but hairrrrrr... enna panradhuuu...

  6. he he...thanks dood... abt the hair munnadiye sonna maari ... thoroughly enjoyed!