02 April, 2010

TOW Everyone Hates Their Job

I look back at this blog and realize that I've been complaining a lot. And about a lot of things - torch toting wardens, dogs, buses, drunken guys in buses, loud ladies in buses and various other trivialities.

That is just wrong.

I mean how could I have been complaining for so long and never once mentioned my job. That is just very wrong. Come to think of it, it could have been my innate sense of self preservation (which based on past experiences I'd thought to be extinct) acting up.

I know everyone hates their job. Unless of course, the special talents section in your resume reads like,
Those things can get you jobs that you like.

My special talents section would probably read as,
  • Can seek to first scene after FRIENDS theme song interlude, blindfolded. 
  • Can juggle 3 balls.
An awesome talent that I might be in those departments I doubt if I can market them well enough to monetize them. Seeing as that is the case, it is understandable if I have come to loathe the job, that I have made despite my disproportionately superb talent in what is clearly a different walk of life. Loathe is probably too gentle a word. I probably have to come up with a whole new word for what I experience. (Probably something like I Lalit-Modi my job or some such crap)

Where was I? Yes. My allegedly extinct sense of self preservation. What led to its rebirth? My job.

Story1 : I've never been one with the big dreams. I have never wanted to be the big shot in a company or anything like that. But ever since I've seen our CEO - well... Come on - who wouldn't like getting a gaggle of people together who are essentially paid to laugh at your non-jokes.

One fine meeting, as is usual with any such meeting, I had drifted off - replaying an entire episode of FRIENDS - all in my head. (Note to self : Include this baby in resume) Seeing as it was this episode - I started appreciating the irony of the situation and very nearly laughed - and considering that our CEO was not recounting one of his non-jokes this could have proved very dangerous. He was drawing charts and graphs and explaining why and how our company was better than Oracle and IBM during the recession. Seriously. Anyway I digress. So to stifle the laugh I kinda yawned - you know the polite acute angle yawn - that is usually not picked up by others. And you know the thing about yawns right? Well they're contagious and how. So this fresher in front of me - picked up where I left of - opened his mouth wide at an angle that even hippos find difficult to attain and let it go.

Nothing like a good strong yawn on an interminable Monday afternoon. Very gratifying - at least in the short term. Because he was fired the next day.

True Story.

May be continued with other such stories.

Title and Other dialogue based referential tributes to :
F.R.I.E.N.D.S - Both the on screen and my off screen ones.

P.S :
And about my talents in the juggling department. Its a scientific fact. And readers are advised to avoid easily derivable innuendos from the statement. Clever ones are another matter altogether! :)

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