11 June, 2010

Quitters never whine. Whiners probably never got to quit

Warning : Incoherent rambling ahead. But wait. You already knew that.

After 2 dozen years of thinking I have come to the conclusion that - there is no One Universal Truth in life. There are several small truths, however.

According to scriptures, upon realization of the Truth one usually sprouts a halo. So the next time you see a man on the road, and feel that he looks resplendent - try to look past his receding hair line as the solution. Maybe it is because he has realized some of life's several smaller truths - and his hair has stopped growing his halo has just started to grow. No I'm serious. My respect to all the wise bald men in the universe. 

Some of life's smaller truths I've realized in the past week.
  • English jowl and Tamil sevul have the same phonetic root. How cool is that? I bet you did not know that.
E.g. Dei domer, sevul avul ayirum -  Uncouth beast, your jowl (substitutable with jaw) shall become a warm mashed up pulp of ... (I really dont know how to translate avul)
  • God puts only one 6 footer in every AC Chair Car. And it is an unwritten rule that he entertain all requests to move luggage to/fro from racks. Benevolent soul that you are, you would have done it anyway. Optional career choice at the very least - you think. God also goes by the name of TT sometimes.
  • A Royal Bengal Tiger, an Idli, one Mr. Karunanidhi and a Mr Satish Kumar - The Life of Pi will be the best novel that you can ever read that makes a mention of all these things. I know loving books is a subjective thing. But believe you me - it would be impossible to find a book that uses all the words I have mentioned and still pips this book. The intersection is highly improbable. Awesome book - please read.

    Warning : Wiki link does not include spoiler alert for ending. Although to be honest, I read the entire article before I read the book. To be even more honest - if I had not read the entire article - I might not have bought the book at all. :) My suggestion - read the entire article. You are too lazy – you might otherwise not buy the book.
  • Travelling with a cold in cold weather will only make it worse - Bangalore. Travelling with a cold in the sweltering heat will also make it worse - Chennai.
  • Quitting changes everything. Life is indeed beautiful.

This is a companion piece to my earlier commentary on the universally true axiom - Everybody hates their job.
I do not hate it anymore. Not since I quit, anyway.

PS : I did warn you. And no I’m not losing hair.


  1. Dei u quit coz u have better things to do...you have something to look upon in a few months from now...

    Quitting changes everything. - never dude - been there done that - its a very short lived feel of freedom but soon u will realise what you have got urself into.

    But recession and stuff added more pressure that time...but anyway should i do that again? now?

  2. "Dei u quit coz u have better things to do" - thats not saying much. At one point of time everything seemed better than what i was doing. I'm sure u know how that feels like.

    As to whether u should do it again - naama fersonally fesikuvom.