17 June, 2010

Next To Useless

Have you ever been called that?

Fifth grade flashback.

Screeching Banshee aka Our Class Teacher: You are next to useless!

She did it once or twice. Every time she did it, I would look at my sidies.

Head-banging all round. Then she stopped calling me that.

PS : Come to think of it – Has anyone ever seen what’s next to useless. I mean in a dictionary. If I had to guess I’d say the - Universe.

Moral of the Day : Long posts - tedious to write. Random rambling – always fun – at least while writing.


  1. My fave teacher punchline:
    'Dei un veedu enga da iruku?'
    'Anna Nagar saar'
    'Anna Nagar laaa.....edam paathu vechurukaeeenn....angaaa poyyiii...PANNI maeyi!'
    'Remba thanx saar..vela vaasi remba aeri poachu'
    'ada cha..kamnaaaati...ukaru da!'
    Liek somebody once said, ahobila is the only place where teachers talk more than students :P

  2. he he..

    keeping audience sensibilities in mind i have refrained from quoting some of the more colorful characters who've "mentored" me.

    but from what i've heard the maddam will win hands down, wen it comes to a "well round out" education.

  3. excerpts from the "thayir vadai" herself...accepted

  4. thiruvalar raghuthatha,

    naan unkita vera edhuvum ketadhu illa.. pulees solidu

    naan berika pora vazhila dubai bus stand la dhan interval uduvanga... angerundhu peruchampazham parcel venuma sollu, anuppa solren... pulees

    dhayavu seidhu solidu..

    wat was ur nickname in school..