19 November, 2008

Yo Momma

Before any phonetically challenged reader gets the wrong idea, I'd like to clear the air by saying that this has nothing to with me cheering something/someone/my mother on.

Based on past experiences with readers of this blog I am pretty sure that 90% of all those reading this can understand Tamil. I say 90% coz there was this one random peter guy who made equally random comments, and I think he doesn't speak Tamil. Ya I know saying there were 10 different people reading this blog is stretching it. My blog. My stats. Stuff it.

So when I say that 'Yo Momma' literally translates to 'Ungamma', I hope that the 9/10th of a person within you understands that its not something you throw about lightly without knowing what it means [or what it might mean when completed].

You know how Americans have an attitude when they discuss Indians, with their bad Call Centre jokes.

Speaker 1 : "Ooh I hear that most Indian men don't get any action until 25." [Sad but true :( ]
Speaker 2 : "Aah! That explains why they are so rude on the customer care calls."

I haven't digressed from the topic here, I'm getting there. So if you were peeved hearing all those jokes here's something for you to laugh at. Take a look at this.

Yeah. Thats right. They have a competition where you trash talk your opponent and their mothers for money given away at the end of the show.

Here are a few of the jokes (or as the funky pants who runs the show calls it 'disses') featured on the show,

Yo Momma's so fat, she has her own zip code!

Yo Momma's so fat, when she sat in class she sat next to everyone!

Its got it all , what with the final 'Yo Mamma' round where you gotta exclusively trash talk about the opponents' mother. And just when you thought they couldn't sink any lower, there brought in their mothers to watch this sh&*. And once they even broke a tie by asking their mothers to trash talk.

So all ye M.S doing/ M.S pannalum pannuven if I don't get married by then guys the next time a bad ass American guy comes upto you and goes "Watcha got?" you can proudly say "Mere Paas Maa Hai!"

P.S You know what? I'm dedicating this post to my mother. Not that I'm gonna be showing her this post or anything. I don't think I can get around explaining the call centre joke!


  1. So you watch TV too?...i didnt know that...I thot Yo Momma taught you only to study all the time

  2. My next post is dedicated entirely towards answering why what you're doing is fruitless.