09 December, 2008

Pulliraja fights back!

Note: For any of this nonsense to make any sense, you will need some background knowledge.

As promised I will now detail how my fellow victims and I got around this embarassing situation. As kaakha kaakha's pandya puts it quite eloquently it was 'simple but powerful'. We wore pants over our shorts to school and changed to shorts once we got to our all-boys-only class. Ingenious, rite? To that effect 11 'D' holds the distinction till date for being the only class room in India in which students have ever taken their pants off!

Now that we we had done away with our constricting pants, our school ground was ready to revel in the glory of our unhindered and agile movements on it. Calling it a schoolground would be insulting to all other self respecting schoolgrounds. I'll tell you what it was. It was a basketball court and volleyball court merged into one student assembly area + a bonus cycle parking area. God bless the Mogappair based Civil Engineer who built the place. He did the best with what he had.

That was our first lesson in optimization. We learnt to play five sports within 1basketball court+1volleyball court. Half of the Basketball court would be occupied by srinaths bowling to tendulkars and the rest be covered with Jordan-sque dunkers. Amidst all this commotion some people even managed to play football.Cricket was funny though. An excerpt from the field placement from DAV's Dhoni reads as

Dei nee physics lab la nillu. Nee chemistry lab.
And indha vaati principal room ulla ball vitradha da. Aprom matcha curtail panna vendi dhan.
Avan enga da. Avana toilet veliya dhana nikka sonnen.

Disclaimer: The post suffers from a certain degree of exaggeration. I'm more than entitled to that after the traumatic events of my past. All present and future statistics to be taken with a grain of salt.

P.S Next post Pulliraja goes to Pilani!


  1. mani unmaiya maraikama sollu eppovum antha toilet ku veliya field panrathu nee thaana?

  2. Cha Cha.
    As much as I'd like to say that I was doing one of those Jordan-sque dunks, you all know thats not true.
    I usually stood beside the leg umpire, our school security guard, Mr.Mokkachaami.