16 December, 2008

Pulliraja goes to Pilani [WYSI-definitely not-WYG]

Yes. Thats right, What You See Is definitely not What You Get in Pilani.

Have you ever wanted to know how a building would look like if it had jaundice.Then you should come to BITS, Pilani. No, not the Bannariamman Institute of Technology and Sciences the other BITS. One look at the jaundiced, small-as-a-jail-cell, pigeon-poop-filled room that I was alloted and I thought to myself did I really travel 48 hours non-stop to come to this place?

And to top it all of, the haunting inscription on the bureau,


Huh... should I be scared or was it some cryptic clue that had to be solved? I just made sure that my father never read that message lest he feel uncomfortable about leaving me there!

Back to the pigeon poop, I'm reminded of a particulary funny moment during my second year there.

Principal characters:

The Warden: He was pretty much your run-of-the-mill torch toting warden. The interesting part was he carried the torch with him regardless of the time of the day.

US: Since I don't remember all involved characters in this incident, I'll just call ourselves Unfortunate Souls. All of US were catching a movie on a Monday afternoon as is the custom on most Monday afternoons(or any other afternoon for that matter).

Door knocking...

US[1]: Ji agla baar paisa dhedhenge ji. (US[1] is the primary occupant of the room. Thinks its the Dhobi and tries to get back to the movie)

Incessant knocking...

US[2]: dei kadhava thorandhu dhan paaren da.
US[1]: pch...
US[3]: dei padatha pause pannu... padatha pause pannu... erkanavae onnum purilla
US[1] drags himself to the door and opens it.

To add to the already too-bright-too-suddenly effect in the room, the man switches on his torch at 4 in the afternoon. US[3] to US[6], all of them shade their eyes quickly to prevent permanent damage to their respective retinae.

Warden: What is this? (he says and points the torch at the monitor)

No one wants to state the obvious and everyone stays quiet.

US[1]: Sir, we are watching a movie.

[edited out] Uninteresting parts of the conversation involving bits like "Don't you have any class?" "Isn't there a test series coming up this month?" (to which US[3] replied in an US-only-audible-undertone, "Illa Sir, India adutha maasam dhan Australia voda aadudhu" )

Unable to wheedle anything incriminating from any of US, he is almost out but suddenly points his torch at the floor just outside the door (much to the relief of US[3]....US[6]) and says,

"What is this?"

US[1] was the only one who was standing near the door, and from his facial expression we were pretty sure he was trying real hard to resist laughing right there in his face.

US[1]: Sir, we (stifles laugh) didn't do it.

You would all have realised that this line is a dead giveaway in most insinuating situations but trust me when I tell you that here we really didn't do it.

The Warden: Doesn't matter who does it. Its your room you have to keep it clean.
Make sure it doesn't happen again.

At the last line, US[1] tries his hardest to keep a straight face and says,

Yes Sir. Won't happen again.

Satisfied, the warden pockets his torch with a flourish and leaves.

As soon as he is out of earshot, US[1] bursts laughing. The rest of US walk out to the door and look at what he had been pointing his torch at,

Fresh blessings from our avian friends aka PIGEON POOP.

I guess I was either US[4] or US[5].
So to the rest of US : I know I changed the script a bit. Hope you guys don't mind. And I don't remember who came up with the Bannariamman bit either. So there thats about it.

P.S: It is an entirely different matter that we came to love our jaundiced small-as-a-jail-cell room so much that we very rarely cared to venture out of them unless it was for food.


  1. dae warden mattum thana..remember sk supri???
    avara pathi ethachum plz....no one can torture me more than tat...caling me non smoker every time he gets the chance....

  2. Good da.. Nice to recollect those incidents.. Sankar wwarden moonji dhaan da gyabagam varudhu.. chanceii ilaada avan.. benny (US[1]) ente sonnadhu inum maraka mudila.. btw am i correct? benny dhanei?

  3. i was a part of US...and indeed it was benny who played the US[1] role here.

  4. but if i am not wrong...u have mixed up a lot of incidents very well...nice exagg plus narration...the torch incident happened at night and not in afternoon...he used his torch on our faces in a room which was lit by a tubelight already...and wats the point warden doin on a monday afternoon in our wing...? We wud hav prob asked him "Don't you have a class?"...

    US[1]'s incident happened in his room and the torch at another...coz US[1] never had a comp in his 2nd yr...

    were my hints at ur logical blunders "kind constructive?"

  5. dei avan comp la movie paakratha paathutu , Tv paakatheenga nu sonnavan... :)naan thaan da romba paavam aavuna en roomku vanthurvan...

    one incident :
    common room la entha nayo kadalai saaptu keela pottu poitan.
    enna nadu rathirila eluppi " what is this ?" nu kekuran
    manushanukku evlo gaanda irukkum.ithula comment vera next sem maths class nee enta thaaan varuva naa paathukraennu..

    in my mind "sir class a attend pannita pochu"...

  6. @raghu - rhyming a varanumna logic lam paaka mudiyadhu maapla... anyway idhukelam poetic license apdinu rendu vaarthai la joke vitralam... and a few incidents are too muddled up in my head, so mayb i'll take partial blame .....and ur comments they were 'kindaa' constructive!

    @sp- enna irundhalum...
    u wern't the cul sec of shankar for nothing... andha kadhaiya vechu thaniya oru post e podalam...
    my guess is u wer the closest a student had ever gotten to him... so andha paasam dhan apdi veliya vandhiruku

    @non-alcoholic/non-smoker anonymous: sk supri unna gaanda kelapradha paathu naangellam jolly a dhanada irundhom... avara pathi naan en thappa ezhudhanum sollu...

    @csu- laddies man! nal varavu!

    @US: anyone remember the great fight of second yr between
    non-alcoholic anonymous vs tall-handsome-and-gud-looking-guy?

    Gud times...

  7. @Praveen.. As said by mani..nee dhaneii our CULSEC.. adhaan correcta un rooma thatirukaan..nee thappu panita machi.. U shud have directed him to our H-rep Mr.Yashveer Singh.. Rendu loosum sendhu nalla comedy panirupanunga...

    @Others.. inimei u can see some updates from my side.. finally all the comps in our site are provided with net connec :)

    @mani.. Nanri nanba :)..

  8. Guess it is Mr. Ashok Kumar

  9. nice post .. reminds us abt prolly the best year in bits .. but somehow did not feel it as funny as the previous one (abt ur school cricket .. btw did u really play cricket then??) .. i think i was tryin to see if u got the facts rite rather than enjoin the post .. next time engaluku theriyatha matter edachum eludhu .. apo than adichu vidrathukum prachanai irukathu ;)

  10. @Naren: so this is how its gonna be? u guys are gonna be nitpicky, huh? In ur twisted minds you guys somehow think of my first pulliraja posts like my first girlfriend, and you're always gonna keep comparing the ones that follow with the first. Thats' so....

    On a serious note: Pt taken, ini adithu vidal ku endha thondhravum iladha topic a choose paniruvom.

  11. praveen said

    @mani probably warden a pathi innoru kadhayae eluthalam....dei namma second year enthu group layum oruthaan kottaya thirugunanae terror....avan pathi yum eluthu

    @csu naa yashveer ta poirundha, kadalai porukarthu culsec vela nu avanum warden um hindi la pesi mudivu paneerpanaga...... apram naa officiala panna vaendiya thaan.kurukku valiyila poi pattam petral ipdi thaan :)
    @dei namma second year enthu group layum oruthaan kottaya thirugunanae terror....avan pathi yum eluthu

  12. I told ya . :) . I second nari here .

    and I don't remember this.. ramsu getting into a fight??

    @US: anyone remember the great fight of second yr between non-alcoholic anonymous vs tall-handsome-and-gud-looking-guy?

  13. one of the gumaaltic comedies of all time .. "but somehow did not feel it as funny as the previous one" ..
    nee half naked a irundhadha nalla solra .. so inime unna first person a vecha incidents a sollu ..
    and imporatant a .. ur time cone has xpanded too fast - jatti oda school ponadhularundhu adhukulla sruthi serkum 2nd yr vanta ..
    andha yr la nariya eludhu machi .. coz tht was the pre-GRE time - when 'probably' was spelled as 'probably' rather than D 'prolly'

  14. @sp terror'a madhichu oru post podanuma da.... avan pics vena podalam.... pink,bright red,kili pachai tshirt pota pic edhavadhu irundha podalam....disclaimer oda....

    Warning: Contains graphic content. Old people with weak hearts and young kids stay away. If u are colour blind feel free to look around.

    @fraud - ramsu vs ashok kumar.... podhumaathu ....doesn ring any bells?
    and inimae will probably stick to stories that u guys dont know..

  15. dei correct chronology oda autobiakrapy lam ezhudha mudiyadhu....
    makkal solra maadhiri theriyadha kadhigal ezhudhradhunu mudivu panniten...
    and i jus realised one more thing
    ppl appreciate it better wen its a post abt my own misery

  16. neraya tharava, neraya per mela porvaiya pothi podhumaathu kuduthu irukkom.. adhula idhuvum onna irukkum... ramsu aana wingla ellartayum podhumaathu vangi irukkan da.. happens.. andha green bottlekaagave kudukkalaam.. evlo venumnaalum..

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  19. abt the comment moderation: all parties involved agreed to this.

    for the others who missed out on those comments, here's a succinct summary: 'Fraud and Saami declared their undying love for each other'

  20. abt the comment moderation: Is there a way to remove any of mani's comments? Badly need a hack, S.P .. Getting a little too personal ..

  21. dei enakku hack illa ethvum elutha varamaatingudhu....athenna getting a little too personal...ithuvum puriya maatingudhu

  22. dei second year la thaanada namma production la rundhu oru periya padam release pannom....
    blore la illa film....by any chance yaravathu vachurkeengala?